A new, free recycling program for residents in the City of Brighton debuts this week.

The City of Brighton is the latest local community to collaborate with Simple Recycling to expand recycling opportunities for residents, which is being offered in addition to other residential waste and recycling services. The program does not cost the city anything nor is there any work involved for staff. Once residents receive bags, they can start filling it with items to put out on their regular trash/recycling day.

Brighton Communications and Community Engagement Assistant Lydia Macklin-Camel tells WHMI the Simple Recycling program is complimentary to current services and offers residents an opportunity to recycle textiles and other items not currently accepted such as small household items. Macklin-Camel says the new program is not intended to be a supplement to donations. She says the city encourages residents to continue to donate unwanted clothes or items that could still be used to local charities and non-profits.

All residents currently receiving municipal trash and recycling services will have access to the new curbside pickup and will be mailed their first set of orange bags. Residents put the bags out on their normal trash day and the company will pick it up and provide replacement bags at that time. Mayor Jim Muzzin says the City of Brighton is always striving to improve service and provide more opportunities to residents, and Simple Recycling is just another amenity they’re proud to offer.

Complete information about the new program is available on the City of Brighton website. A link is provided. (JM)