Services were held Thursday afternoon for a young Howell boy who lost his struggle against a pair of rare blood diseases and family and friends are hoping the community can step up and help the family with expenses.

8-year-old Cole Davis was described by his cousin Melanie Swayze as being a spunky, energetic, good kid who was always trying to make you laugh. She said “He was either driving you crazy running up the walls or asleep. There was no in-between. He was a very energetic. A typical 8 year old kid.”

Cole became ill last March and couldn’t shake what the family was told as being a viral infection. A blood test in August revealed that Davis had HLH, a disease that attacks immune systems, and myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, which causes bone marrow to fail to produce sufficient healthy blood cells. MDS is extremely uncommon in children, usually found in the elderly, and the family doesn’t know how he contracted it. Davis passed away last Sunday in his father’s arms.

His mother Michelle said they have seen tremendous support from the community through these trying times. She thanks everyone in Livingston County from the officers and representatives, to their church, softball, and soccer families, including many families they’ve never met have been absolutely amazing. Michelle said that without them and the Lord they would never have made it through.

A gofundme account has been set up to help the Davis family with medical and living expenses. Donations can be made through the link below. (MK)