A tax abatement for a local company in a growing industry will relocate two Livingston County branches to Milford Township.

The Milford Township Board of Trustees discussed a proposed 12 year, 50% Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption request by Battery Solutions, LLC, Wednesday night. Battery Solutions is the largest battery recycling company in North America. They currently have 3 locations, with one in Green Oak Township, their headquarters in Howell, and the third in Arizona. With advancements in lithium ion batteries in personal devices and electric cars in the future, believe that business will be further booming in the next 10 years. The company draws large amounts of business from General Motors, and with the Proving Grounds nearby, feel Milford is an ideal location.

Concerns were raised by the board about the benefits giving such a long tax break would bring. In a presentation, representatives claimed they would go from 78 current employees to 116 by 2022. Treasurer Cynthia Dagenhardt was in support, but waved a cautionary flag when learning that they are trying to leave Green Oak 2 years after a 5-year abatement there ended. With Battery Solutions leasing their new building, some were worried they would leave at the end of the 12 years and the township would not see full tax benefits. 12 years was also longer than any on the board remembered granting in a long time. Supervisor Don Green noted that the Green Oak abatement was on personal property, however, and theirs would be on the building.

In the end a motion was passed by a 5-2 vote for 1 year construction, 9 year abatement, and potential clawback provisions if Battery Solutions tried to leave the township early. Trustees Randy Busick and William Mazzara cast the dissenting votes. (MK)