Current or past veterans who now are employed by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office are being honored for their military service.

Sheriff Mike Murphy was presented with the plaque at the Livingston County Board of Commissioners’ meeting last week. The plaque was presented by Hansel Keene, a mentor and founding member of the Livingston County Veterans’ Treatment Court, and Sgt. Kevin Mack of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office. Both men are veterans of the United States Marine Corps. Murphy says Sgt. Mack wanted to recognize veterans that have worked for the Sheriff’s Office by memorializing their names on the plaque that will hang in the lobby.

The plaque lists 35 current or former employees, with empty spaces to add names in the future. A statement engraved in the top of the plaque says the Sheriff’s Office recognizes the dedication of its veteran employees. It also says the Sheriff’s Office is proud to have men and women among their ranks who “raised their hand to defend and serve the citizens of Livingston County.” (DK)