A new program will help students in Howell who may not have enough to eat through the weekends.

Weekend Survival Kit is a non-profit organization that provides meals and snacks to students in-need in a dozen communities across Michigan. Beginning December 1st they are bringing their program to Howell Public Schools. Coordinator Kristie Guadiano said there are a quite a few students in the district whose main source of food during the week is from school lunch and breakfast programs. She said on weekends they may not have the capacity to get enough to eat and that that is where Weekend Survival Kit comes in to help. Guadiano said the Williamston-based charity gets money through fundraising and different grants. The food for Howell students will then be bought at the Howell Gleaner’s and sent to a nearby church. Twice a month on Thursdays volunteers will pack the meals, and then they will be delivered on Fridays.

Guadiano said there are several ways to get involved if people wish to. They can volunteer their time twice a month packing, or twice a month delivering, or both. Financial donations are also welcome. $66 will buy a school year’s-worth of weekend meals and snacks for one student. For more information on the Weekend Survival Kit program or how to help locally, visit www.manyhandsmi.org. (photo- manyhandsmi.org)(MK)