New members have joined Howell Township's Board of Trustees and Planning Commission.

At a regular meeting earlier this month, the township’s Board of Trustees reviewed applications from four individuals looking to fill an empty trustee seat and three citizens for an opening on the Planning Commission. Each candidate was given the opportunity to share a little about themselves and answer questions from the Board.

The Board then voted 6 to 1 to appoint Sally Newstead to the trustee seat, which was left vacant following the resignation of Carolyn Eaton. Eaton is moving to Hartland Township and therefore can no longer serve in Howell Township. Newstead will serve a partial term ending in November of 2018.

The Board also voted 6 to 1 to appoint Martha Haglund to the Planning Commission. Haglund interned with the Livingston County Planning Department and hopes to utilize skills she acquired there in her role as a planning commissioner. During her interview, Haglund told the board if chosen, she is interested in pursuing a community park or trail for the municipality. A spot on the township’s Planning Commission opened up after Adam Dale resigned. His resignation came due to his recent appointment as a federal judge. (DK)