Sentencing has been handed down to an Ohio woman who attempted to steal a variety of merchandise from a store in Green Oak Township.

21-year-old Malaja Sharde Isom of Toledo, Ohio, was recently sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Michael P. Hatty to 80 days in jail, 56 of which she has already served. Despite being charged in Livingston County, Isom was extradited to Indiana to serve her sentence due to an outstanding warrant she has there on a felony conviction.

Isom previously admitted to charges of organized retail crime and malicious destruction of property, pleading guilty as a second time offender. The charges stem from the September 13th incident that occurred at the Victoria’s Secret store at the Green Oak Village Place mall.

Store employees contacted police when they became suspicious of four women loading clothing, lingerie, and beauty items into shopping totes. Authorities say Isom was seen removing security tags from some of the clothing items, which led to her arrest. The other women allegedly involved in the theft were not seen removing tags and therefore were not immediately charged, pending further investigation. (DK)