A new bill by a local lawmaker will make for safer and more humane animal euthanasia.

State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township recently had legislation pass through the Michigan House that will provide more humane options for euthanizing badly injured and sick animals. The bill will allow technicians performing the duty to use tranquilizers with better immobilizing agents. Vaupel, a long time veterinarian himself, said that sometimes when animals are badly hurt, they can become aggressive and difficult to restrain. With the euthanasia solution requiring an intravenous injection, it can become dangerous for both the animal and the handler.

Technicians performing the euthanasia will also be required to complete additional training which is outlined in the bill before being allowed the use of the stronger tranquilizers. Vaupel worked closely with the Michigan Humane Society, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, and the Department of Agriculture while putting together this legislation. House Bill 4813 has been sent over to the Michigan Senate for further consideration. (MK)