Volunteers are needed this weekend to help with improvements to the canoe campground at Island Lake Recreation Area while making new friends and spending some time in the great outdoors.

The Friends of Island Lake group is working to improve the park's canoe-in campground but is in need of a few volunteers comfortable with tools or those with roofing skills. Organizers say the work is not glamorous - roofing and painting the existing pit toilet building - but it will help the little known campsite provide a fantastic environment for future paddlers. Two work days are planned this weekend; from 9am to noon on Saturday and again on Sunday starting at 10am, until things are finished up. Should there be a lot of help, organizers say there is other work to be done, so all skill levels are welcome.

Those interested should RSVP to Tony Pitts via email at trails@islandlakefriends.org or on the Friends Facebook page.

Meeting location: Enter the park and turn right at the booth. Follow the road until you pass under the railroad trestle near the river, then be on the lookout for a small parking lot on the left. If you arrive late, cross the road and walk down the two track.

Additionally for anyone interested on Saturday, there is also a Sierra Club hike along the Hickory Ridge Trail that starts at 1pm. Facebook photo. (JM)