A completely untrue rumor had at least one parent thinking there was an active shooter at Fowlerville High School.

Fowlerville Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Roedel issued a communication to district parents this afternoon concerning a transmission over the police scanner that there was an active shooter at the high school. But Roedel was clear in saying it not accurate information and there was never a gun and never a shooter. He says the call to 911 was the product of untrue information being texted to a parent from their student at the high school. The parent then called 911 believing that the texted information was true and accurate.

Roedel said, β€œIt is very difficult to stop rumors once they get started given cell phones and social media. In this case, the current rumors being perpetuated about a shooter are completely false.” He added that it is still important for students or parents to contact building administrators directly if they do hear rumors of a threatening nature, especially if the threats involve weapons, to let them know what they heard so that an investigation can be conducted. Roedel emphasized that the district takes threats very seriously and will investigate them to a conclusion. (JK)