An annual event for local hunters and a chance to brag for those who bag a buck on the opening day of firearms season is planned in Marion Township this week.

The 10th Annual Buck Pole will be held at the Marion Township Hall on Coon Lake Road from 5 to 9pm Wednesday, which is the start of firearms deer season. The pole is hosted by the Howell Area Parks & Recreation Authority, Marion Township and the taxidermy company, Anything That Moves. Attendees can share hunting stories, eat hearty food and win prizes at the BUCKet raffle.

Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest buck, the highest scoring buck, the highest scoring buck brought in by a woman, the widest rack, the most unique rack, and the youngest hunter to bag a buck. Cost of entering is $10 per deer and all who do will receive 10th Annual Buck Pole swag. (MK)