The community is invited to attend a free Veterans concert.

“The Vacant Chair: Remembering Our Heroes” is a free, one-hour concert honoring military veterans on Sunday, November 12th at 7pm at West Highland Baptist Church on Hickory Ridge Road. The seventh annual concert is sponsored by Milford Music and the church. It’s open to veterans, families of veterans, and community members who want to honor, support and thank those who have served the country.

Milford Music owner Tim Twiss says the concert will give the audience an awed appreciation for military veteran heroes and for those men and women currently serving in the armed forces. The concert centers on the Vacant Chair—representing the ultimate sacrifice of veterans lost in service to the country—and appreciation for veteran heroes. Participants are invited to bring an item from their veteran hero to display with the Vacant Chair during the concert. Admission to the concert is free and donations will be accepted to support a local veterans’ agency.

More details are available through the link. (JM)