An apartment complex in Livingston County has the highest level of lead of all water systems in the state.

State records revealed that Island Lake Apartments on Grand River in Green Oak Township had the highest lead levels at 82 parts-per-billion or ppb, but also had elevated lead in water levels during testing at the end of 2016. The water system serves a population of less than 50. The apartments are adjacent to the Island Lake Recreation Area, and near Kensington Metropark. The federal Environmental Protection Agency regulates lead and copper in drinking water under a 1991 rule that requires water system sampling every six months, based on the population the system serves. Health Promotion Coordinator Chelsea Moxlow with the Livingston County Health Department told WHMI that the state regulates these types of systems but they were aware of the situation and the state is working with the owner to correct the issues.

Meanwhile, a measure has been introduced to lower the federal lead action level from 15ppb to 10 by 2020, and then further to 5ppb in 2026. The National Opportunity for Lead Exposure Accountability and Deterrence Act of 2017 was introduced by Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee of Flint Township in the wake of Flint’s lead tainted water crisis. Photo: Michigan Housing Locator. (JM)