The timing of a Michigan State Police detective’s retirement is being called into question, as it comes during the ongoing investigation into his affair with a local judge.

After more than 27 years with the Michigan State Police, Sgt. Sean Furlong retired on September 22nd. Furlong and 53rd District Court Judge Theresa Brennan are at the center of an investigation being carried out by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, State Police, and Judicial Tenure Commission. The investigation stems from allegations that the two engaged in a sexual affair during a 2013 trial that Brennan presided over and Furlong served as chief witness. Phone records indicate the two had extensive contact during the trial, which alone has been described as a violation of judicial ethics. Both admitted to having an affair during testimony in divorce proceedings between Brennan and her now ex-husband Donald Root earlier this year. However Brennan and Furlong maintain the affair did not begin until after the double-murder trial of Jerome Kowalski, which ended with Kowalski’s conviction and life prison sentence.

Attorney Tom Kizer says he’s hoping there will be answers from “everyone who participated in corrupt behavior surrounding a capital murder offense.” Kizer has long been an outspoken critic of Brennan and represented Root in their divorce. "I'm not shocked that he (Furlong) would retire. I'm surprised at the timing given the fact that man was still very young and was in a good position, but for these issues that have been raised. Being a former prosecutor I'm certain if there was any focus on him, he would no doubt be trying to do his best to make sure that he didn't lose his pension."

Kizer says he’s been assured those investigating the affair take the matter seriously and will make their decision in their own time. (DK)