As a result of two private donations, the Brighton Area Schools will be getting another therapy dog.

The new therapy dog will be going to Spencer Elementary School. There are currently two therapy dogs in the district. Supt. Greg Gray says the dogs have been a tremendous help in calming students who are experiencing personal problems, are worried or anxious, or having trouble fitting in or making friends at school. Gray tells WHMI that the Brighton Area Schools will soon have five therapy dogs, with two of them now in training.

The donations to purchase the dogs include $3,500 from the Ditto family and $6,000 from Buckley-Jolley Real Estate. According to district policy, any donation that exceeds $1,000 must go before the board for approval. Caesar, one of the two canines now in district schools, is in his 8th year of service and is assigned to Brighton High School, while Duncan (pictured) is at Maltby Intermediate School. At night, and during the summer months and holidays, the dogs go to the home of a volunteer staff member. (TT)