A school threat turned out to be a false alarm this past week.

Deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Lyon Township Substation responded Thursday to South Lyon East High School on Ten Mile Road for a threat complaint. Deputies were advised by the school administration that a student had threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot his fellow students. Contact was made with the suspect’s father, who brought the suspect to the school to meet with deputies, including the school liaison deputy and high school administration staff.

The 15-year-old Lyon Township teen admitted to making the threat but claimed he did not mean to carry it out. The office says the teen stated he was just angry over the possibility of being assigned homework over the weekend. The suspect further stated that he did not want to hurt anyone nor did he own a firearm or have access to one. The suspect’s father is said to have confirmed the information and gave consent to deputies to search his home. The home was searched and no firearms were located.

Authorities say the school liaison deputy will handle the follow-up investigation and referral to youth assistance. (JM)