A five-year plan for guiding growth in Hartland Township will focus on developing its identity and offerings in 2018.

Manager James Wickman says creating the 2022 Strategic Plan begins with a “vision tour” of the area’s master plan. The vision is developed by looking five years ahead and deciding what highlights would be showcased during a tour of the municipality. Officials identify the process in making those highlights a reality and aim for incremental steps toward the strategic plan’s goals.

Township department members met Tuesday to discuss the status of the plan, revisions they’d like to make, and what initiatives will be prioritized in the coming year. Place-making, or improving the township’s brand, was noted as officials believe it is the foundation of healthy growth. Efforts will be made to capitalize on township amenities to promote sustainability and maintain infrastructure. Roads are among that infrastructure, specifically preservation and completion of planned projects.

Now that officials’ bi-annual review is complete, staff will identify tasks and target dates that must follow to meet the 2018 objectives. Wickman says once its finalized, the board can move toward the budget season with the ability to plan for anticipated costs, workload, and performance goals. (DK)