Health officials say that previous concern about a potential measles outbreak is no longer warranted.

The Livingston, Oakland and Washtenaw County health departments announced today that lab test results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were negative for the measles case announced on Oct. 13th in a Livingston County resident. Those who visited the locations previously released are no longer considered at risk for measles. Dianne McCormick, health officer for the Livingston County Health Department, said that it was of “an abundance of caution” that local health departments issued the precaution based on available information and their responsibility to protect public health. She added that they are “grateful for the cooperation of the impacted businesses and organizations.”

While initial lab results from both Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and a commercial lab were positive, and the individual had symptoms consistent with measles, a third more specific lab test was conducted at the CDC in Atlanta and resulted in the negative measles diagnosis. Health officials in all three counties continue to advise local residents to recognize the importance of measles vaccination, particularly as measles cases increase throughout the United States.

Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can spread rapidly. If exposed, people who have not been vaccinated or who have not previously had measles are likely to develop the disease. You’ll find additional details below. (JK)