A new bakery and restaurant in downtown Howell hopes to serve beer and wine to future customers.

M Street Baking Company is said to be in the process of applying for a redevelopment liquor license for a new bakery and restaurant that will be opening at 117 North Michigan Avenue, former home of Mexicali Allies. The Howell City Council met Monday night and adopted a resolution recommending approval of a redevelopment liquor license and catering permit for the business. A new liquor license requires local approval prior to submittal of the application to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

The license is proposing to include Sunday sales, in the morning and evening. The owner of M Street Baking Company is Nancy Mazaris, the mother of Adam Merkel who owns multiple restaurants in downtown Howell. Some council members had general questions about the operation and sales, but Mazaris was not present during the meeting. Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Manor indicated it was his understanding there would be around 25-40 seats in the restaurant but would have a large catering aspect.

Renovations and improvements are being made to the building. A unique menu is being advertised with bread, pastries and cakes; along with breakfast, lunch and dinner options. A memo states that a liquor license is said to be vital in the mission to create a distinctive bakery and restaurant that’s different from other establishments. Facebook photo. (JM)