Now that construction on a local roundabout is complete, many nearby residents are hoping a temporary traffic light installed for the project can become a permanent fixture.

While work commenced over the summer on a $6.3 million project to install a roundabout at 10 Mile and Napier Road in Lyon Township, a temporary traffic light owned by the contractor was placed along the detour route at Griswold and Eight Mile. But its removal has some residents requesting that it be permanently installed at the intersection, saying that it greatly aided the traffic flow and made left turns onto Eight Mile much easier.

Brent Schlack is an Assistant Director of Engineering for the Washtenaw County Road Commission, which would be responsible for that portion of the intersection. He tells WHMI that they don’t disagree with the value of having a permanent signal there, but it comes down to funding. However, he says Lyon Township has been contacted and they are optimistic an agreement will be reached to have a permanent signal installed. The cost to do that is estimated at between $150,000 and $175,000. (JK)