Hamburg Township officials are cleaning up the municipality’s list of ordinances, having found many are outdated or no longer applicable.

Trustee Mike Dolan says the process to codify the ordinances began earlier this year and has been a lot of work, with a long way to go still. Officials worked with department heads from respective agencies to determine which regulations need to be updated or eliminated entirely.

Dolan tells WHMI some are simply irrelevant at this point, like a parking ordinance for a fire station that no longer exists. Another was adopted just after Woodstock, regarding large gatherings. Laws that have changed since then make the aforementioned unnecessary.

Numerous amendments have been made to township ordinances in the last 30 years, according to Dolan, who says simplification was long overdue. On Tuesday, the township’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved adoption of Ordinance 93, which repeals 10 separate ordinances that are no longer needed. Dolan says codification will make it much easier for citizens, contractors, developers, or anyone wanting to do business in the municipality, to find and review the local regulations.

Dolan says Ordinance 93 will be effective following a public posting. (DK)