The crosswalk enhancement project along Main Street in the City of Brighton is complete.

Crews have been working over the past month to remove the blinking lights along crosswalks between Grand River and First Street. The holes have been filled in and new signs installed to upgrade and enhance the pedestrian crossing lights. When a pedestrian hits the “walk” button, the signs on both sides of the intersection will light up to stop cars in all travel lanes from entering the intersection. State law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Patty Thomas serves as assistant to the DPW director and says there are also now blinking LED lights around the entire sign. She says pedestrians still hit the button on the enhanced pedestrian signs to activate new flashing LED lights; the only difference is that the crosswalk lights in the street are no longer there. Thomas tells WHMI it’s a good project that will definitely enhance the safety of pedestrian traffic downtown.

Thomas says the new signs are functioning properly and everything is working, and the yield signs will remain in the crosswalks. She says the city just wants to make sure pedestrians still cross with caution and look for vehicles, and that motorists should be aware of people crossing.

The City of Brighton further thanked Main Street travelers for their patience and extra caution during the transition and encourages everyone to continue to enjoy Main Street safely, whether in a car or on foot. (JM)