Growth, an abundance of volunteerism, and financial stability were some of the highlights given at Hartland Township’s 3rd annual State of the Township Address.

The yearly update had a special dual purpose, as the municipality is celebrating its 180th birthday. Township Hall was packed at the community event Monday with residents, local leaders, as well as representatives from the area’s schools, Cromaine District Library, and Chamber of Commerce. Township Supervisor Bill Fountain says this kind of support is a new effort to work together. "Partners in Progress" meet frequently to discuss issues and make decisions according to what they believe is most beneficial for the community as a whole.

Fountain says the community’s “cooperative spirit” is the foundation of the township, noting seven residents were nominated for its 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Kurt Stromlund is this year’s winner and was praised for his involvement in several organizations and outreach projects. Stromlund is president of the Hartland Lions Club and coaches the Hartland Eagles Intermediate Baseball team.

Fountain says what Hartland Township residents have contributed to the area is the building block for its success. The weekly farmer’s market, the first annual Hartland Polo Classic, and citizens’ efforts to build Settler’s and Heritage Parks were named as some of the community’s valuable assets. Pavilions and playscapes are being added to both parks, as well as a mountain bike trail at Settler’s.

Fountain reports the township is doing well financially, with a AA credit rating and an audit with “glowing marks”. The Safe Roads Initiative has kept all projects under budget and the township is satisfied with its 2022 Strategic Plan. The region has experience residential and commercial development, and there’s more to come. Fountain says a Culver’s restaurant is under construction and an Emagine movie theater will be built next spring.

To wrap up its many achievements and goals, Fountain says Hartland Township is a “positive place for positive growth.”