Monday Night, Genoa Township approved a resolution that may lead to them providing assistance to Howell Township’s sewer system.

Months ago, Howell Township reportedly approached Genoa Township’s Utility Director seeking assistance in regards to Howell’s sewer system. Genoa Township Supervisor Bill Rogers told WHMI that Howell Township was very interested in hiring Genoa’s Utility Department in a consultant-type role due to the department’s engineering and technical expertise.

During their regular board meeting, Genoa Township agreed to move forward in allowing their utility department to assist Howell Township. Rogers said the ultimate decision on his end was to determine whether or not the department had enough time and staff to meet Howell Township’s needs and claimed he was convinced that they did. Following Monday’s meeting, the next step involves approval from The MHOG Utility Department; which is the department that provides water and sewer services to Marion, Howell, Oceola, and Genoa Township. MHOG will be meeting on Wednesday to finalize the deal between Genoa and Howell Township. Rogers said he fully expects MHOG to go through with the plan.

Rogers explained how this will be a beneficial plan for all parties involved. He claims it will provide Howell Township with an excellent service while bringing in extra revenue to Genoa Township (DF