A Milford attorney is facing charges in a domestic assault case.

Jennifer Elowsky-Auger is the attorney for the Village of Milford, Milford Township and Wolverine Lake. Her husband is Novi City Manager Peter Auger. The couple is said to have been drinking October 7th during the Michigan – Michigan State football game with friends at their home in Milford Township. They apparently began arguing later after their friends left and the fight eventually turned physical. Elowsky-Auger is charged with domestic assault and battery. She allegedly admitted hitting her husband but claimed it was in self-defense.

Elowsky-Auger and her husband were married in February. She has two sons that live with the couple. Auger has joint custody of two daughters who were not home during the incident.

Elowsky-Auger is free on bond. As part of those conditions, she is not allowed to return to her home or contact Auger and cannot leave the state. She is also subject to random drug and alcohol testing three times per week. A pre-trial hearing is to be rescheduled since the case was reassigned to Judge Joseph Fabrizio at 52-2 District Court in Clarkston. Photo: www.bakerelowsky.com. (JM)