Energy Transfer, the company constructing a pipeline that runs through Livingston County, has been cited for spilling a mixture of gasoline and water into a wetland area near Pinckney.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) confirmed the spill Friday with the issuance of a violation to Rover Pipeline, LLC. Local anti-pipeline group, ET Go Home, filed a complaint with the MDEQ Wednesday regarding the smell of petroleum in water discharged from the pipeline project.

Residents noticed an ongoing water spill on the construction easement on Dexter-Townhall Road near the border of Livingston and Washtenaw Counties, according to ET Go Home. Residents estimated hundreds of gallons of water per minute were spilling over the silt-fence reservoir meant to temporarily contain water moving from one wetland to another. They noticed the water smelled strongly of gasoline and contacted the MDEQ, who took samples of the water Thursday.

The violation notice to Rover from the MDEQ states groundwater contaminated with petroleum is being captured through the de-watering process, which is being employed for the pipeline installation. That groundwater is being discharged to the wetlands adjacent to the Portage River.

The MDEQ is requiring Rover to cease any unauthorized discharges, treat the water prior to discharge, and withdraw a sample daily that must be registered with the MDEQ. Rover must confirm their intent and submit a letter of actions to the MDEQ by October 18th. The MDEQ’s official violation notice is attached below. (DK/JK)