Fall leaf vacuuming for the city of Brighton’s 7,500 residents began on Monday of this week and will continue through the end of November.

The vacuuming service is in addition to fall yard waste and leaf collection. Also, the city has a leaf bag program and the bags will be picked up every week on the same day as trash pickup. In prior years the city provided the leaf bags, but starting this year, people are being required to purchase their own bags.

Assistant Brighton DPW Director Patty Thomas tells WHMI the vacuuming schedule has been determined by dividing the city into districts, in which each will receive two visits. Thomas says the city will make a third swing of the neighborhoods if the need is there and the weather permits. Residents are asked to rake their leaves into the street or gutter, which is a change in procedure from past years. Thomas says only leaves should be raked to the curb, since twigs and other yard waste can’t be processed by the vacuuming machine. Also, the city cannot vacuum leaves that are near or under a parked car.

Citizens are asked to spread leaves out over the length of their property’s curb line. Residents should refer to the the city’s website (link below) to see when the leaf vacuum truck will be in their neighborhood. Residents are also reminded that burning leaves is prohibited by city ordinance. (TT)