A national organization is helping people come to terms with infertility and will be holding a special workshop in Brighton later this month.

The ART of Infertility was founded by Elizabeth Walker of Jackson and uses art exhibits as a way of raising awareness and helping people through trying times when they cannot bear children. Walker said that after she and her husband received their diagnosis in 2009, she began creating artwork as a way to have a visual representation of what she was going through. After coming to terms with her diagnosis and connecting with others, she found the strength to share her work and eventually take it on the road across the country and internationally.

Walker said one thing she has learned is that infertility affects more people than most imagine, being between 1-in-6 and 1-in-8 of those trying to conceive. On Monday, October 23rd Walker will be holding a workshop for people affected by infertility at the Brighton District Library. She will share her art, as well as pieces from her collection that has grown to around 200 items from nearly 100 artists she has met along her journey.

The workshop will be a place for people who have struggled with infertility, miscarriages, infant loss, and pregnancy loss to come into a safe space together and share their stories if they like. Walker said that everyone has a unique experience, but the emotions are often the same. Attendees will also make air plant terrariums with gravel, stones, gemstones, shells, and plants so that everyone can create a living piece to take home. More information on the ART of Infertility can be found through the link below. To reserve a spot, you can also email; sjohnstonadvocate@gmail.com or call (734) 546-8589. (MK)