The Village of Pinckney took a step forward in getting a walkway implemented along Dexter Pinckney Road.

During Monday’s regular council meeting, council members approved moving forward with having Livingston County Engineers draw up a mapped out plan that would provide a walkway for pedestrians along one of The Village’s busiest roadways. Dexter Pinckney Road has sidewalk up until M-36 and The Village is hoping to get some sort of walkway from that point on to Pinckney High School at the very least. The school does reach past the village limits, but the council claimed it already had support from Livingston County to follow through with the plan. Village President Linda Lavey stated she would even like to see the walkway stretch out to as far as Darwin Road if the county were to approve it, but the main goal is to make sure there is a safe pathway leading to and from the school.

The approval for the county to begin preliminary drawings for the project allows The Village of Pinckney to pay for any costs associated with the drawing of up to $5,000, which would be taken out of The Village’s General Fund. Should the project continue to go through, it is slotted to begin in 2018 and will be paid for by Livingston County. The path is intended to be bicycle, skateboard, and rollerblade friendly.

Everyone on the council appeared to be eager and hopeful of finally getting the long awaited project underway. (DF)