A new elementary school in the South Lyon Community School district has been dedicated to a former superintendent who served the district for over two decades.

Dr. William Pearson says he’s truly humbled that the William A. Pearson Elementary School was dedicated to and named after him. Dr. Pearson served as assistant superintendent and superintendent of the district during his 24 years there.

Pearson Elementary, located on 11 Mile Road, was funded by a $64(m) million bond. Bringing the project to fruition took about two years and construction of the building was completed just before the beginning of this school year. More than 570 students attend the school, some of whom were a part of a ceremony held there Sunday. At the event, the school was dedicated to Dr. Pearson with a plaque and performance of the new school song from third and fourth graders. He also received a decorated cardboard key to the school, which was meaningful to him because he says turning in his keys when he left was the hardest part.

Even after officially leaving, he still wasn’t ready to go. Dr. Pearson was at the school on the first day to welcome students and give the morning announcements. In his briefing he encouraged students with his motto, “make good choices”. Dr. Pearson says if that idea is ingrained into a child’s brain early on, they will go far.

Teachers who spoke at the dedication ceremony says the school’s mascot, the Pearson Pioneer, pays homage to Dr. Pearson and his leadership that blazed the trail for many district endeavors. Dr. Pearson says every time he drives by the school, he will be reminded of 24 great years spent with great people. (DK)