The city already has a contract with Waste Management to pick up the trash of city residents on a weekly basis, and in addition conducts a separate pickup of recyclable materials, such as plastic, metal and glass. However, Waste Management does not pick up for recycling materials such as used clothing and textiles.

Bill Wilk of Simple Recycling in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, appeared before council Thursday night and explained that his company will do a weekly pick up of materials on the same day as the company’s current waste hauler.

The company does pick up textiles, clothing and common household items in usable condition. Wilk says it’s a good deal for the customer and the city, since it’s free and the city receives a rebate based on the amount of recyclable items the company hauls away.

Wilk says the company will send out two mailings to city residents before the program starts to inform them about the program, and the second mailing will include two orange recycling bags. Wilk stresses that his company will not be competing with the city’s private trash hauler, since its drivers will pick up items not accepted by recyclers.

Wilk says that the company is not in competition with Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Purple Heart or any other such charitable program because it accepts items in poor condition. He says these goods – torn clothing, old towels and the like - are then sold to companies that turn them into such items as shop rags, car seat stuffing and backing for carpeting. It’s hoped the new service can begin in about two months. (TT)