If recent results of a local fundraiser show a trend, then Spartan fans are due for an upset win this Saturday.

The 9th annual VINA Dental Clinic Tailgate was held last night at Crystal Gardens in Genoa Township to a full house. The fundraiser pits fans of each school against each other in a battle for bragging rights over who can be more charitable. The past two years, the winner of the fundraiser won the big game, with Michigan coming out on top last year, and Michigan State in 2015. This year, Spartan fans came through donating $24, 917 to the Wolverine’s $21,243.

VINA Dental Executive Director Barb Colley said that with the Tailgate being VINA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the $46,000 raised will be spent to purchase supplies, dental equipment, and cover operating and patient costs. Attendees found a lot of fun and competitive ways to donate their dollars at the event. There were silent auction items, beer pong (minus the beer) and beanbag games, a 50/50 raffle, card raffle, and a live auction for four tickets to the game, which went for $600.

All that’s left now is for Spartan fans to see if their victory last night continues the trend on the gridiron, or if the Wolverines can reverse it.(MK)