A unique children’s camp in Pinckney has received a donation from a local group that supports charities in Livingston County.

“100 Women Who Care About Livingston County” is donating $11,200 to North Star Reach, a nonprofit camp that serves children who face chronic and life-threatening health issues. Children with those health challenges are able to attend the camp free of charge, thanks to philanthropic donations that cover their tuition. North Star Reach founder and CEO Doug Armstrong says it costs about $2,500 per week for a child to attend the camp, which means the camp relies on community generosity. He says these donations give the campers an experience that will change their lives.

Armstrong says many of the campers have not had the opportunity to attend a traditional camp or be in a situation where their peers have had similar health challenges. He added the kids often have perceived limits imposed upon them, but by attending camp they can try new things and come out of their shell.

Members of “100 Women Who Care About Livingston County” visited the camp on Wednesday to present a check to Armstrong, who says the donation will fund at least four children’s camp tuition. The local chapter of “100 Women” has over 130 members and is part of a global organization that gives to charities as a group to further their impact. The women meet four times a year, nominate charities from the area, and then vote on which will receive their donation for that quarter. Each member or team donates $100 to the chosen cause, which accumulates to a much larger contribution.

Chapter coordinator Sandie Cortez says North Star Reach is different from any charity the group has donated to before and that chapter members feel it has a beautiful mission. She says not only does the camp give children with serious health issues a chance to feel like a normal kid at camp, but its medically supported staff and facility allow parents to be at peace while apart from their child.

Livingston County’s chapter of “100 Women” will hold their next meeting in December and Cortez says all are welcome. Additional details are available at the link below. (DK)