Next week’s Good Morning Livingston program will offer local solutions to Cyber Security Threats.

Howell Chamber of Commerce officials say community business leaders have a duty protect their business, reputations, staff and community from being exposed to a cyber threat. That’s why the next Good Morning Livingston program will feature how to best challenge your security levels and protect your business day in and day out against a cyber threat. It will take place from 7:30 to 9am Tuesday at Cleary University’s Johnson Center in Genoa Township.

Presenters will include Vice President Dr. Joe Adams and Director Jim Darga of the Pinckney Cyber Training Institute and Sentinel Center. It officially opened in late 2016 and was designated to facilitate the growth of the Cyber Ecosystem in Southeast Michigan. The center is now a hub on the Michigan Cyber Range, supported by the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Workforce Intelligence Network, Michigan WORKS! and the Merit Network.

The cost is $20 for members with reservations; $25 for members at the door; and $30 for future and non-members, with breakfast included. Those interested in attending can register online at or by calling the Howell Chamber at 517-546-3920. (JM)