Members of the community will gather together tomorrow for a prayer vigil to remember those who lost their lives and mourn the tragic events in Las Vegas.

The prayer vigil will be held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brighton, with many area churches also taking part. The Reverend Deon Johnson says hearts are broken as they try to make sense of the senseless, adding there are no words that can fully capture the tragic nature of the Las Vegas events. He says over 50 people lost their lives, hundreds were injured and families once again live with uncertainty, grief and the pain of loss. Johnson says in the midst of this continued dance of gun violence, “we know that individually we can do little but collectively we can change the world”.

In the spirit of hope and that prayers may be transformed in to action, he invites community members to join in the vigil with other churches on Thursday at 7pm to pray for the victims of violence, families affected, leaders and the nation. (JM)