A mountain bike trail proposed for Settler’s Park in Hartland Township has received agreement approval that will allow construction to begin this fall.

The idea for the trail was first brought before the township about three years ago. Due to unforeseen and numerous circumstances, the project was abandoned. However it was recently picked back up by Elliot Klein, a junior at Hartland High School and frequent mountain biker. Klein said he had read about the proposed trail previously and then realized he hadn’t heard anything about it in a while. After contacting the organization that first intended to create it, he was directed to the Motor City Mountain Biking Association, or MCMBA.

Bill Hermann, MCMBA Board Member, says the association has three chapters and maintains trails in the southeast Michigan area. On Tuesday, the township’s board of trustees unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement with the MCMBA, who will bring the project to fruition. Maintenance of the Settler’s Park trail will be covered by the association, as well as the labor to construct it.

The first phase of the trail will be approximately one-mile long and between 24 and 36 inches in width. That's typical for mountain biking, but the stretch can also be used by runners and walkers. The one-way path will be “family-friendly” as well.

Hermann says tight turns or obstacles will be placed along the trail as it nears paved paths in the park in order to prevent collisions. The trail will run along the west side of the park in an area that had a low probability for future use. Township officials say it’s a bonus to make use of an area that might otherwise be left bare. The MCMBA is responsible for constructing a similar trail in Milford, which the Hermann brothers say has been a major asset to the area.

Construction is expected to start this fall and the hope is to have the project completed by spring of 2018.