The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says it worked diligently over the weekend to make headway on a suspicious incident reported in Hartland Township.

The alleged incident involved a white SUV, two black males, and a child at the bus stop. Working in conjunction with the Hartland Consolidated Schools and their Transportation Department, the Sheriff’s Office was able to identify the vehicle and ultimately make contact with the owner. Interviews were conducted and it was determined that there was no crime, nor was there any intent of wrong doing on anyone’s behalf. Furthermore, the occupants of the vehicle had business in the subdivision. They were initially lost and looking for an address, which in turn led to the reported suspicious behavior.

While the incident turned out to be nothing, the Sheriff’s office says it would like to encourage parents to have very open and frank conversations with their children about safety - not just to and from the bus stop, but in all situations. The office also encourages community conversations between neighbors, subdivisions, churches, PTO’s, and others to see how everyone can better look out for local kids. (JM)