The City of Howell is looking to replace some defective sidewalks while adding new sidewalk in other areas.

The Howell City Council recently approved a resolution a declaration of necessity for the 2017 sidewalk program. It calls for installing new sidewalks in some areas of the City, particularly North National Street which City Manager Shea Charles says is light on sidewalks and sees a lot of pedestrian traffic. However, a number of sidewalks in need of repair and replacement have also been identified throughout the City. Steps will also be replaced at the north side of city hall.

Charles tells WHMI there is a special assessment process for repair and replacement, which is a 50/50 split between the property owner and the City. Charles says for new sidewalks for homestead properties there is no cost because the City is just retrofitting. For non-homestead, he says it’s 100% cost to the property owners.

The project is currently out to bid. Charles says they’ll open bids this week and then present results at the October 9th meeting, where a public hearing will also be held for those impacted by the sidewalk program and assessment. If approved, then staff would proceed toward getting the construction done this fall. (JM)