Construction of a roundabout continues at a busy intersection in Lyon Township but the end is in sight.

The Road Commission for Oakland County is continuing construction of a roundabout at the intersection of 10 Mile and Napier Road. Senior Manager of Communications and Public Information Craig Bryson says the $6.3 (M) million project has two main elements; complete reconstruction of the intersection as a modern roundabout and then cutting a hill to the west of the roundabout. Bryson says there was previously a pretty steep hill that created sight distance issues for those traveling eastbound on 10 Mile toward the Napier intersection. He says that hill was reduced quite a bit to add a lot more sight distance as motorists approach the intersection.

The project is on schedule and Bryson says they’re still looking at a mid-October completion. He says most of the pavement is down and concrete curbing is in place but there is still a fair amount of work left to do to finish things up. He tells WHMI the project has gone well and it’s really been an impressive transformation, adding a work zone camera at the construction site is available online to view progress.

As for remaining work, Bryson says there is still some paving to go and a lot of little detail work, restoration behind curbing, crosswalks and signals to be installed, pavement markings and signage. The intersection will remain closed until the project is complete this fall.

The roundabout construction is the first half of a larger project that will continue next year. The second half involves the actual paving of Napier Road between 9 Mile and the roundabout, which is currently a gravel road. (JM)