Thousands of meals were packaged at an event in Fowlerville last week for people affected by the tropical storm that recently hit Puerto Rico.

The amount of devastation that Hurricane Maria brought upon the U.S. territory is still being assessed, however approximately 10,000 people are reportedly still being housed at emergency shelters. Hurricane Maria struck the island September 20th as a Category 4 storm, killing at least 16 people and drowning much of the island’s agriculture. Restrictions regarding shipments being made to Puerto Rico were waived by President Donald Trump on Friday.

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Fowlerville has been working with the Kids Coalition Against Hunger for a number of years and continued their outreach to provide disaster relief to Puerto Ricans on Wednesday. Pastor Diane Greble says at the event, over 80 volunteers helped package 10,488 meals, which were shipped to Puerto Rico Friday.

Greble says she is grateful to share the good news and is appreciative of all the generosity in Livingston County. In the six years working with the Kids Coalition Against Hunger, volunteers at St. John’s community events have packaged over 50,000 meals. (DK)