An upcoming event and purple lights illuminating Livingston County are part of a month-long effort to raise awareness about domestic violence.

October is nationally-proclaimed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and its cause color is purple. LACASA Center, a local nonprofit organization that provides services to victims of abuse and their families, is working to educate the community about domestic violence throughout the month with their annual “Shine the Light” campaign.

Community Relations Director Nicole Matthews-Creech says shedding light on a difficult topic such as domestic violence is important all year long, but it is equally important to place a focus on it by sending the message that domestic violence is unacceptable in every community.

Matthews-Creech says the vigil and month-long campaign raises awareness by bridging the gap to conversations about an issue that does not show prejudice to one demographic or region. She feels talking about domestic violence can be difficult because it is a problem that can be contained in a family unit. It then becomes a challenge for people to stand against something that doesn’t technically involve them. Matthew-Creech says the goal of LACASA’s efforts is to make domestic violence a social issue to encourage outside involvement.

In addition to purple lights hung throughout the area, LACASA will also hold its 21st Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil at 7pm tomorrow night. The event will take place in the amphitheater of the historic courthouse in downtown Howell. Matthews-Creech says the vigil honors the strength of survivors, remembers victims, and reminds those that are currently living with abuse that there is help out there for them. Additional details are available at the link below. (DK)