Local business owners had an opportunity to learn all about the state sales tax process and ask any questions that they might have had.

The Michigan Department of Treasury’s Outreach Team was in Howell Tuesday night for their latest sales tax seminar. Assistant Deputy Treasurer Clay Cornelius said they have holding these around the state hoping to dispel the myth that they are the “big, scary treasury.” They held a presentation where they opened up with the basics of sales tax, like what it is and isn’t collected on, but spent the majority of the time on the audit process. Audit team member Sharon Meadows said that just because your business has been triggered for an audit, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. She said sometimes the audit assignment comes because your businesses numbers are unusual compared to like businesses in similar economic areas. Meadows said that it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in the wrong, but she or someone like her will be sent out to find out why your numbers are different.

The Outreach Team said that people get scared and nervous when they hear they are being audited, but they have made changes over the past few years to help the process go smoother. The event was put on by State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township, along with the Howell, Brighton, and Hartland Chambers of Commerce. The next seminar will be held this Friday in Flint. All upcoming seminar dates can be found through the link below. (MK)