Motorists should prepare for street closures and traffic detours due to Pinckney’s homecoming parade this Friday.

Main Street will be closed from West Unadilla to Mann Street from roughly 4 to 7pm Friday, with the detour route posted. All roads intersection between those two points will be closed. Portions of Marion Street, Livingston Street, Mill Street, South Howell Street, and Dexter-Pinckney Road will also be closed to traffic. The Village of Pinckney’s DPW will provide the proper barricades and signs, which should be put in place by noon on Friday.

A special event application filed indicates students and groups will begin congregating downtown for line-up around 3pm, and anticipates the parade will be complete around 5:30pm. A list of all the pending street closures is attached. Photo: Pinckney Community Schools. (JM)