Police patrols and security measures are being elevated at the Michigan War Dog Memorial in Lyon Township following recent thefts from the cemetery.

The MWDM is a final resting place for the animals that fought alongside the country’s military, stood with law enforcement, and served as therapy and service dogs. President Phil Weitlauf says a number of items were recently stolen from the cemetery, including veterans’ challenge coins placed on top of the gravestones, American flags next to the burial sites, and a custom-made military flag that stood next to the headstone of K-9 Gryphon, who died last year.

Weitlauf says it’s a shame that security is even needed at hallowed ground that serves to honor and respect the four-legged heroes. Weitlauf says the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Lyon Township Substation is stepping up its patrols and placement of a fence surrounding the cemetery will be completed within the week.

In spite of the thefts, many acts of kindness have followed. Two companies have reportedly contacted Weitlauf with offers to install security cameras and community members have reached out with donations. A fabricating company has also offered to replace the custom-made flag that was stolen from K-9 Gryphon’s grave.

Weitlauf hopes that future theft will be deterred, now that the word is out about increased security and watchful eyes. (DK)