An amendment to Green Oak Township’s building height ordinance is a long-awaited change, according to the municipality’s officials.

Expected development in the area includes almost 1,000 incoming homes, according to township Supervisor Mark St. Charles. Height regulations for homes and buildings should be easier to explain and understand, following recent changes to the township’s ordinance.

The township’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to amend the ordinance last week, which St. Charles feels is a good move and compromise with developers and builders. Residential single family and multi-family housing can now have a maximum height of 32 feet, or 2.5 stories. For buildings that are zoned non-residential or mixed-use, the maximum height is 36 feet, or three stories.

St. Charles says when the former standard of 28 feet for maximum height was implemented, homes and buildings were built in a more traditional fashion. He says that’s changed over time, with unique roofing and high peaks.

Several members of the township’s board have said they appreciate the simplified ordinance and believe the building requirements will be satisfactory to developers, builders, and residents alike. (DK)