An upcoming seminar will help small businesses navigate questions and concerns they might have revolving around the state sales tax.

State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township will be joined by the Brighton, Hartland, and Howell Area Chambers of Commerce for the informational get-together next Tuesday evening. Representatives from the Michigan Department of Treasury will be present to provide an overview and answer questions business owners might have about the sales tax process. Vaupel said he understands the process can seem complicated at times and believes this seminar is a great opportunity for anyone who has found themselves even the slightest bit perplexed by it. He said it’s one of those things that seems like it would be easy until you get into the weeds of doing it.

Questions will be answered on topics like what business owners are responsible to pay sales tax on, what to collect tax on, and how to submit it. The Treasury Department can even lend assistance on how to fill out the associated forms properly. The seminar will take place this Tuesday, September 26th, at the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce from 7pm until 9. No registration is necessary. The Howell Chamber is located at 123 East Washington Street in Howell. (MK)