A local municipality is preparing to change their ordinance regarding minors in possession in anticipation of an amendment to the state’s law.

Bills that would reduce the penalties for minors caught with alcohol were signed by Governor Rick Snyder in 2016 and expected to go into effect January 1st, 2018. The new law would decriminalize the first offense for an MIP, making it a civil infraction instead of a misdemeanor. A first offender could also be fined up to $100, but would be able to avoid having a criminal record.

Municipalities are preparing to enforce the new MIP law by amending their ordinances to reflect the changed penalties and procedures. Green Oak Township’s Board of Trustees took a look at their own ordinance Wednesday night and began the process to make the change.

Supervisor Mark St. Charles says the board plans to adopt the ordinance at their next meeting, October 4th and that it will become official 15 days after its publication. Police Chief Jason Pless says the Secretary of State is not ready for some challenges being made to the new law, but St. Charles says the township is moving forward in the process either way. (DK)