Some parcels of land are being transferred between the Hartland and Brighton school districts.

Two parcels of land are currently divided between Hartland Consolidated Schools and Brighton Area Schools. However, parts accessible by road are exclusively within the Brighton district. A resolution authorizing the property transfer in the Deer Creek subdivision north of Hilton Road, off of Old US-23, was approved unanimously by the Hartland Board of Education on Monday night. It’s said to be a straight forward transfer that benefits both school districts, helps the Brighton Township assessor and incurs no cost for Hartland schools.

Hartland Superintendent Chuck Hughes tells WHMI they do this from time to time with properties along the borders where it makes sense, generally new subdivisions or property splits, when considering access to the property, bus stops and where kids in a neighboring subdivision go to school and so on.

The Brighton Board of Education is said to be taking up a similar resolution in regard to property that sits solely within that district but is being transferred to Hartland. (JM)