The Hartland Township Board of Trustees received glowing marks on their previous fiscal year’s audit report.

An “unqualified opinion” is the best mark an auditor can give a municipality, which is what the Hartland board once again received during their regular meeting Tuesday night. Auditor John Pfeffer of Pfeffer, Hanniford & Palka said the importance of an unqualified opinion plays largely into the speed in which the township can receive their state shared revenues. State shared revenues accounted for a little more than half of Hartland Township’s total revenues last year. For 2016-17, the township brought in around $2.4 million, while having expenses of $1.8 million. They stayed within budget and were able to add 144% of their annual expenditures to the fund balance. Pfeffer said this was a good number, but he expects the fund balance to drop next year.

Supervisor Bill Fountain said this isn’t a surprise to the board. He said they have had several projects start this year, with most being in the parks, and even approved playground equipment to be installed next year at Tuesday’s meeting. Fountain said that after these projects are paid for they will be able to begin growing the fund again, like they have in previous years, and he expects the number to be back to the current amount in a couple years.
Hartland Township will continue to have a double-A financial rating, which is just a notch below triple-A which is the best. This, along with the unqualified opinion will play in the township’s favor should they need bonding or financing.

Pfeffer also took a moment to compliment the township’s internal control, stating that he has used Hartland as a model example for other townships. A complete copy of the 2016-17 audit report can be found on Hartland Township’s website, a link for which is below. (MK)