The band shell and amphitheater area at Brighton’s popular Mill Pond are likely in for some major changes next year. The Brighton City Planning Commission Monday night approved the revised site plan for the band shell and amphitheater on a 6-1 vote with Jim Bohn, who also sits on city council, being the lone no vote.

Bohn felt the plan had not had enough public scrutiny at this stage. The new plan removes some of the seating in the amphitheater part of the project and changes the bright colors of the previous version of the band shell to more muted earth tones. It also includes planting large caliber shade trees, providing a grass, rather than concrete, hillside and an enhanced storm water basin.

A sore point with residents regarding the old plan was the removal of 5 out of 6 shade trees that provide welcome relief from the heat at concerts during the summer months.

But Community Development Associate Brandon Skopek tells WHMI the city is doing its best to save what trees it can. David Walker of Hillcrest Drive says that while the new plan is better than the previous one, it still doesn’t address the problem of shade trees being removed.

The plan was revised after citizens at previous meetings were critical of the project. A petition drive was initiated, with over 500 people signing in opposition to the plan. The revised plan shows one additional tree that was earmarked for removal being saved, for a total of four to be cut down.

While the removal of trees was the main complaint, some also had criticized plans to construct concrete seating and a concrete floor for the amphitheater. The site plan will go to council for a final review and likely action at one of its October meetings. (TT)